Tyranny, Like Hell, is Not Easily Conquered


Sam Stone

The battle between North Korea and other countries has been an uphill battle for over a hundred years. Before it was about keeping patriotism alive and acknowledging human right violations committed by the country.

Now it’s the fear of the destruction of the world through nuclear war, a salute to the past where “Duck and Cover” was taught to preschoolers during the Cold War.

In the past week North Korea launched its first missile since 2009, it flying over Japan before breaking into pieces over the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese government went for far to instruct civilians to take shelter.

In a world like this, war is not a light subject. It never has and the losses will become dire as weapons advance along withal other pieces of technology.

The incidents have caused what one could call a political pissing contest. The president, Donald Trump, promises “fire and fury.” But this would not be fire and fury, but totalitarian toxicity promising to affect the millions. The first and hopefully last incident of nuclear was affected millions and was a war ending move.

The idea of starting a war with much destruction would be a simple foreshadow of how much would be harmed. It would be a war blossomed across Asia, affected South Korea and Japan before the US could even fathom civilian causalities. The web of trade deals and alliances all laced with nuclear potential promise mutually assured destruction and quite possibly a third world war.

Tyranny, like fear, does not go without a fight. The fight is more than soldiers. It is more than rations and taking cover. It could be the end of humanity itself if ego wins over existence.