“First Day of High School” by MacKenzie Sargent

MacKenzie Sargent

I remember the first day of high school ever. I was walking in, overheating because of the sun rays on my skin when I walked to school. It was a beautiful day, not one single cloud in the sky. I remember thinking, why do I have to waste this beautiful day at school. I stepped up onto the curb and started towards the path between the foliage on the sides. They were a beautiful, healthy green color.


When I approached the white set of doors, I could see my reflection in the clean clear glass. I was hoping I looked good enough in my new outfit, dark blue skinny jeans and a gray shirt with a colorful image of a tape on it. The handle was silver and cold against my hand.


I walked in and the scent of the clean, newly built building, hit me right in my face. It was a bittersweet smell, because I did not really want to be there, but it was a familiar, comforting scent. The walls were covered with past years projects, and tan paint. The hallways became packed with kids of all different grades. I was a little claustrophobic since I wasn’t used to getting pushed and shoulder checked when students didn’t think they were walking fast enough to their class. The day went by so slowly, but it wasn’t half bad.