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    “Love” by Caittie Harrison

    Love is a funny thing. It’s the only thing in life that is scary and painful and wild, but yet everyone strives for it. Love is a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster that has fallen off it’s tracks and is flying in whatever direction, at whatever speed it pleases. Finding love is a  mission, much like hunting a deer. You must be in the right location, the right mindset. You must have the right tools, you must be patient. You must stay calm and collected. You must choose wisely, for only the best should have your heart.

    And once you’ve found that love, there’s no other feeling. You wake up every morning knowing there is someone one out there who holds you heart as carefully and dearly as they hold their own. You hold yourself a bit higher when you walk, for you know there is someone always in your corner to be there for you. You aren’t afraid to cry because you have someone to wipe your tears and to be by your side through the hard times. Even on your very worst day, a small reminder of the one you love can brighten your day. A hint of their laundry detergent, seeing their favorite flower, or hearing their favorite song. You fall asleep with them on your mind, knowing you are on theirs. And you both are filled with a feeling of satisfaction, for you have given the best gift to someone.

    There is also another kind of love. The love of family. Family doesn’t stop at blood, nor does it have to include it.   Family love is a special kind of love that can spread out to anyone. Anyone who shares your interests. Anyone who listening wholeheartedly to your problems and sits by you through them. Anyone who makes you laugh with just one word. Anyone who knows you, not just as a person, but know your soul. Family love should only be given to those who undoubtable care enough about you to do anything for you, even die for you.    

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