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    The Future is Female?


    What happened to equality? When phrases such as ‘the future is female’ are sent out into the mainstream media and accepted as normal, we are essentially cutting out everyone else. No longer young boys get to hear things about how they are going to go far, or how the future is for them. The future is branded as only female, and certain parts of our society are only focused on promoting the welfare of women. There is still inequality between genders, but there has been an odd switch in the mindset of parts of the population. Equality is not putting one gender on a pedestal and promoting the success of that gender alone.   If people want to argue for equality of the genders, then they have to support equality on all levels. The future is everybody.

    Equality means equal opportunity for everyone. Equality means that the future is marketed as something that is accessible for everyone, no matter your gender, your race or any other characteristic you may posses.  Promoting equality is important, but not when it comes at the cost of believing one gender to be better. Female empowerment is important, but we also need to continue to empower males as well. There have been centuries of inequality between male and female, but in order to truly achieve equality, we need to treat the genders as equal.

    We cannot say that we are only going to devote our time to promoting females, because when we do that, we are taking away the supposed equality of the population. To have true equality, we need to promote both genders the same amount. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, it matters what we do now. We can’t go back in the past and change the inequalities. We need to set a positive precedent for those coming after us, and that means that we need to promote the future as something that is for females, males and for everyone.






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