Max Boland

During the week of September 7-13 every year, New York Fashion week commences. The most influential designers come together to create a contemporary experience for all of New York. Unrestricted in terms of  venue, artists have gone as far as holding their runway shows in the Museum of Modern Art (the first time the MoMA has ever allowed a fashion showcase) and on the street! Bold, eye-catching patterns and texture seem to be the common trend, but each designer manifests that uniquely with diverse models. Welcome to New York Fashion Week.

Although texture is focused on, diversity is the biggest factor in this round of Fashion Week. Model Maia Ruth Lee sports a baby bump while walking for Eckhaus Latta on September 9th.

Cleveland born model Ricky Leon Cannon walks for up and coming brand ‘Anarchy Black’.

Designer Carolina Herrera hosts her Fashion Week presentation in the Museum of Modern Art, with color blocked patterns and soothing texture.

Jeweler Prabal Gurung’s twisting and eye-catching earrings prove to be an amazing ‘cherry-on-top’ for any evening wear dress.

Overall, this Fashion Week has reinforced next summer’s fits and recycled old trends in a refreshing way. The 90s are coming back in a big way, as well as engaging the sense of touch with sight; bold texture does just this. The diversity in models, brands and designers has proven that fashion favors the bold.