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    Character Sketches and Dialogue by Aaron Kerney

    John is a car dealership owner. At 28 years old he made two millions dollars. John knows he can get more money. John tries everything to get a couple more dollars. He thinks that he needs money to be happy. He owns ten car dealerships and pays everyone who works for him poorly. John is tall, slim, black hair, and blue eyes. HIs hair is always up and he wears really nice clothes so everyone knows he has money.

    John doesn’t deal with people that try to make him get less money than he is supposed to. His favorite thing is to talk about sports. He loves Cleveland and the Cavs. John can talk for hours about the Browns and Cavs. John is happily married with four kids and one on the way. The wife’s name is Denise and the kids names are Joey, John Jr., Morgan, Jasmine. John has two boys and two girls. He loves them with his life.

    John thinks it’s funny to take everyone’s money and doesn’t think anyone is going to find out. He thinks no one is going to know that he is taking there money and he thinks that after he does it no one can do anything.

    John wears a suit with a gold tie and really nice dress shoes. He knows he has a lot money but he loves to show off in front of people. John isn’t very friendly and doesn’t like paying people what he owes them. He doesn’t even pay city taxes and has gone to court a few times because of it.


    Bill is a salesman and he loves his job. He sales car soap and he has to sell it so his kids and wife can eat that night. Bill has two boy’s. James is ten and bill jr. is five. Bill will do anything for his kids. Bill wishes he was rich so his kids can live the way he wants them to. Bill really doesn’t care about the money because he knows that money doesn’t make happiness.

    Bill is really slim, has a baseball cap on so no one can see his balding hair. Sometimes he wears shirt and pants twice in a week. Bill doesn’t wear nice clothes because he doesn’t have money for it. Bill really doesn’t care because he’s doesn’t care because he knows he’s happy. Bill knows  that money doesn’t make happiness, it’s the people in the world that are in your life that make you happy. Bill loves spending time with his family when he’s not working. He works a lot to get a meal on their plates every breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Bill thinks he has the best life ever because he has people that love him and people in his life that make him happy. Bill doesn’t have nice clothes because he spends his money for nice clothes for his kids and his wife. He puts himself last and only gets things when he needs it. Bill puts all his kids and wife in front of him because he wants them to be happy and if they’re happy, he will be happy.

    Bill is very friendly and tires to be friends with everyone and most of time don’t even say something to them because how he dresses. Bill really doesn’t care because he knows why he dresses like that to make his family look and dress nicely.


    “Hi there friend would you like to buy some soap for your cars,” said Bill as he was walking up to John’s house.

    “What kind is the soap because you know I own a car dealership,” said John as glaring at the soap. “This is the new kind, it cleans faster and gets dirt off real easily,” Bill was trying to explain.

    “I think I might take all his soap for free,” John thought

    “How much can you sell,” says John. “About 18 gallons for every time you buy it,” Bill told John.

    “Alright well I guess I will take 18 gallons,” John said. “Wait are you serious,” Bill said.

    “Yes i want 18 gallons and how do I pay for this,” said John. “I have to call my boss then you tell him your card information,” explained Bill.

    “Hey it’s Bill and I have a customer that wants to buy 18 gallons of soap,” Bill was trying to tell is boss and handed the phone to John. “My card information is 5468-****-****-****-****,” John said.

    “That’s it,” Bill said. “Okay thank you for the soap,” John says as he walking inside.

    “That was too easy,” John was thinking. “That was a really nice and I wish I was that rich to buy 18 gallons of soap,” Bill thought.

    “That was the best day of my life,” Bill was thinking. “ That was the easy thing I ever stole,” John thought.

    “That was the best day of my life,” said both of them.

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