The New Rosewood Mural


Jared Dubber

If you have been driving around Lakewood recently, you have probably noticed the section of Rosewood next to Wagar Park has been closed off to traffic. You also probably noticed artists painting on the street during the past couple of months—this is the Rosewood Mural.

A competition was held to see who would design and paint the new mural. Studio Chartreuse won with their design ‘Graphic Positivity’, so the project was underway at the start of August. With the help of local businesses to provide supplies, and some helpful people to paint a few squares, the project was finished and an ice cream social was held on the 10th of September.

But to those hoping they would open the street back up once the mural was completed, or those who think it will be a permanent addition to Lakewood, you aren’t in luck. The city is planning on expanding the park, removing the section the street that is blocked off currently. They want to see if the traffic around the very difficult intersection of Hillard and Madison would be worsened by the closure of the street. The mural is there in the meantime for a creative use of the new blank canvas of a street. If the traffic remains calm—or calm enough—the city will start construction of the new park, covering up the mural. Designs are being decided on currently. But if the traffic does get worse, it will be very interesting to see whether the city wants to keep or pave over the mural.

If this is a temporary tapestry or a permanent painting, the mural is a welcomed addition to Lakewood.