Best Autumn Walks

Best Autumn Walks

Lalia Williams

It is that time of the year again, when the air is cool and the leaves are colorful. Fall is one of the best times to explore nature: there are no bugs, it’s not too hot, and it might be the last time you can go outside without snow pants until April. Here are some of the nicest places to take a stroll this season around the Cleveland area.

1: Edison Woods: Edison Woods is a part of the MetroParks and is located in Erie County. It is special because there is both grassy fields and deep woods. There is also an abundance of wildlife, from birds to frogs to deer. And, if you like horseback riding, there are trails already set up for just that. Just remember to bring rubber boots, because it can get fairly muddy when it has recently rained.

2. Mill Creek Falls: Here you can see the tallest waterfall in the county! This trail is also a part of the MetroParks, and is in Newburg Heights. It is a 1.5 mile walk to the 48-foot-high falls, but it is definitely worth it! And because it gets so humid and steamy in warmer months,  autumn is the best time to go.

3. Holden Arboretum: The appeal is in the name- this place has a LOT of trees. And it’s a good place to go if you aren’t crazy about the complete wilderness; it is well-tended and very popular. The Arboretum is huge, with 6 major trails and 4 major gardens. Most breathtaking of all, you can go on a canopy walk 65 feet above the forest floor, and be at the same height as the changing leaves. There is also an emergent tower 120 feet tall, that provides an amazing view of Lake Erie in good weather.