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    Question of the Death Penalty


    Friday, September 29th, the United Nation passed a new law with a victory of 27-13. This law out laws the death penalty to be used indiscriminately when trying pregnant women, minorities, mentally ill, and most importantly members of the LGBT considering apostasy, blasphemy, and adultery.

    The human rights council pushed the vote. The action caused obvious conflict, as there are countries that still use the death penalty for homosexuality. A few examples of those countries are Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Russia, a country where homosexual persecution has caused many to flee the country, pushed two amends that would water down the out law, allowing countries to use the death penalty in these cases.

    Those amends were shot down by the council. Those thirteen countries that were opposed to the out law were: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Qatar, Botswana, Burundi, Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates, India, Iraq, and the United States.

    Yes, the United States. In the motion called “The Question of the Death Penalty” the US is on the side that wants the death penalty. The president, who had “LGBT for Trump” signs at every rally, has decided that countries should have the right to kill homosexuals for having a consenting relationship.

    The administration cites the risk of voting differing from trade partners such as China considering this issue.

    But regardless if it had the Great Melting Pot’s endorsement, it persisted and passed on the council in an over 2:1 ratio. It has activists popping bottles.

    To have such consideration by the highest international authority, gives LGBT hope that tomorrow will create a safer existence.

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