Abuse in LGBT Relationships


Sam Stone

The twenty-first century has marked a great deal of growth for the LGBT community. With that young LGBT kids have been coming out younger and younger and able to find their first significant others within the same first love culture that heterosexuals have.

Come relationships come to the complications that all couples of all sexualities will have a group of relationships containing abusive behaviors. Every case has its own outcome, stressors, and incidents. Some will be handled privately while others will be dealt with by those close or even by the public domain.

But there is the problem held within the LGBT community and the complications surrounding monogamy with a same-sex partner: unaddressed abuse.

23 percent of men and 50 percent of women in the community at some point in their lives will experience abuse, be it physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional. Higher than average abuse within the heterosexual community.

But yet, the community has fewer cases of reported abuse.

The issues are presented with the fear of impacting various circles. The first is the fear of outing themselves as they reach for help. The fear of homophobia forces isolation.

Beyond the individual is the whole community.  Those who had left a relationship in where they were the abused, admitted they did not search for help as they feared to reflect negatively on the whole community and label those within it toxic.

The organization Loveisrespect has issued a special forum for the community, linking resources to get help and promotion to act.

Abusive LGBTQ Relationships


In recent years, the LGBT community has made tremendous strides towards equality in America, which is something we’d like to see continue. Unfortunately, there are still some hurdles that remain, including set backs in personal finance.

To help with this issue, we created a guide that breaks down several financial pain points affecting the LGBT community, and provides a plan of action to help readers improve their financial situation for each of the following:

  • Retirement
  • Insurance
  • Marriage & Children
  • Credit Card Debt

You can view the guide here: https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/lgbt-personal-finance-guide.php