End of Fall Sports


Lalia Williams

As October comes to a close, many of the fall sports here at Lakewood High school are coming to a close as well. It seems like the season has gone by fast, but in reality (for some sports) fall is the longest season, as it usually starts so soon after school ends. This is a big transition, since many of the teams have been practicing since early summer. Most will be sad (especially seniors) that the sports are coming to a close, though a few might be relieved if their sport was especially long!

Most of the athletic groups had a good season this year. The High School football team enjoyed their first win against Westlake (28 to 25) after 17 consecutive losses. The boy’s soccer team did exceedingly well this year, winning back the community cup (and JV is undefeated!). Both the boys and girl’s cross-country did well as per usual, though only some qualify for the larger meets at the end of the season. And although marching band is not a sport, we looked especially good and organized this year compared to others.

Though many talented seniors are leaving this year, next year still looks promising. We will still have three-fourths of the athletes that helped contribute to such good seasons this year.

Looking ahead to the coming months, many of the athletes at the school are looking forward to the winter sports. Available activities include ice hockey, swim team, diving, gymnastics, wrestling, and basketball. And these are sure to be good seasons as well.