Person of the Week: Meghan Young

Person of the Week: Meghan Young

Chloe Soneson

Meghan Young is a senior at Lakewood High School. She is a great overall student. She has maintained very good grades throughout all of her years in school. Meghan is very committed to her school work.

She has always wanted to be nurse when she grew up. Meghan was very amused watching her nurse as a kid take her blood pressure and listen to her heart beat. She always thought “That would be so fun to do that as a job.”

Meghan was accepted into Health Careers West Shore Career Tech Program her sophomore year. She began this program her Junior year. She was very excited to start her career off at such a young age.

In he classroom at the nursing home they practice different skills on mannequins and classmates. Sites and classroom work is very similar only because it’s all hands-on work. “Helping residents is way more tough, because its hard for them to help you. The work is all on you. They also bare all of their weight so its difficult.”

“I recommend this program to anyone who wants to go into the health career profession. This program is a HUGE head start to your future. I’ve learned was more than I thought I would from medical terminology to physically performing skills in a nursing home on my own with my state tested license.” Meghan said.

After high school she plans on attending Cleveland State University, in hopes of getting into the nursing program. After college she would like to work in a hospital or doctors office.