St. Ignatius Wins the Holy War 17-10

St. Ignatius Wins the Holy War 17-10

Jared Dubber

Saturday, October 28th, was the Holy War, the annual football game between the two religious high schools in the Cleveland area, St. Edwards and St. Ignatius, was held at First Federal Lakewood. Ignatius ended up winning the game 17-10. The game was held on a cold night, to a sold-out crowd for both teams. The Eagles fell quickly, with three first-half turnovers, but with both teams playing in the OHSAA next week, they will probably meet again during the playoff season.

The game was off to a rough start for the Eagles, at around halfway through the first quarter, Ignatius’ return was fumbled at the 8-yard line, allowing them to score their first touchdown. Senior kicker Matthew Trickett made the extra point, making the score at the end of quarter 7-0. The Eagles responded well, but were able to get any points, punting the ball back to Ignatius. The Wildcats then went an impressive 17 plays, diving deep into Eagles territory. They held a steady defense, forcing a 24-yard field goal from Ignatius, making the game 10-0 at halftime.

The third quarter was met with a stalemate between the two teams, with a few fumbles and interceptions, but no points put on the board. The fourth started very differently, at ten seconds in, the Eagles put up a 32-yard field goal for the first points of the game. The Eagles then successfully recovered an outside kick, leading to their first touchdown of the game, tieing the score at 10-10. The game seemed to be heading into overtime, but then a 52-yard pass from the Wildcats gave them the points they needed, ending the game 17-10.

While the Eagles were disappointing in their loss, but head coach Tom Lombardo reminded the team, “Week Eleven is what matters,” getting ready for playoffs to start the following week.