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    Early: The New On Time


    The dawn of a new era has begun at Lakewood High School–early being the new “on time.” Starting November 1st, 2017 each student not in their first period class at 8am will be subject to a detention.

    The new policy has caused a frenzy within the student body that will either be sprinting to first period or filling the detention classrooms. Though the regulation is implemented to encourage punctuality, will habits of tardiness decrease or will absences increase? Students in opposition, would rather remain in bed rather than face a detention. Senior, Evan Budzar, states, “If I know that I’m going to be late one morning, I’m more likely to be go back to bed rather than coming into school.” The new policy will prove grave detriment to those suffering from severe cases of senioritis and those with chronic tardy habits.

    In favor of the policy or not, early is now the new on time. Therefore, to remain successful in school and dodge the detention slips, it is important to establish new habits to ensure you are on time each day.

    1. Set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier- Dial your clock back to rise 15 minute earlier…or to fit in your daily “snooze” habit without facing the detention. If you cant break your relationship with the snooze button, try placing your alarm further away from your bed–forcing yourself to rise in order to turn it off. Mornings are crazy whirlwinds for most people…give yourself a gift of just a few extra minutes to slow down and remain calm.
    2. De-stress Morning Routines- With a mountain of homework, tomorrow morning may not be a priority. But taking just a few moments to plan an outfit or pack a balanced lunch will cut morning preparation time in half while. Also, stress is less likely to be created–instilling a pleasant tone on the rest of the day.
    3. Leave For School 5 minutes earlier- Hopping in the car just 5 minutes earlier, will ensure you are in your seat by 8am–without having to sprint through the hallways. If all else fails… at least you will get daily exercise in while running to first period!
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