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    Hollywood Plagued By Sexual Assault Chaos


    The floodgates have opened.

    Hollywood has been rocked at the presence of numerous sexual assault allegations that are exploding into public view. 40 years of unrevealed stories, suppressed emotions, and scandal have been unleashed in the matter of 3 weeks, beginning with Rose Gorman’s accusations about movie producer, Harvey Weinstein. Within the matter of days, 40 women (and counting) have shared similar stories that shockingly mirror Gorman’s. This was only the beginning of the scandal to unfold.

    Daniel Beal and Anthony Rapp came forward as victims to sexual assault initiated by House of Cards actor, Kevin Spacey. The allegations date back nearly three decades ago to present day. Rapp’s accusation happened as a child–intoxicated Spacey forcing himself onto the fourteen year old actor. Spacey responds to the situation by remarking that he “does not remember the encounter” and “sincerely apologizes if he did behave in the drunken way.”

    British bar man, Daniel Beal, alleged the actor approached him as he took a cigarette break while working at the West Sussex hotel. After fleeing the situation, Spacey tried giving Beal his Swiss watch in compensation for his silence.

    Facing mounting allegations, Spacey is being cut from the upcoming movie “All The Money In The World.” He has been dropped from his finished role and replaced by Christopher Plummer. Spacey is also terminated from  Netflix original, House of Cards.

    The grotesque allegations continue to number with NBC reporter, Mark Halperin. His dazzling career came to an end on October 25th when CNN reporter Olivia Dacey exposed details of Halerpin’s  sexual misconduct with five junior female coworkers. The stories align with accusations of Halperin. The first woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told CNN she was invited his office, to have a soda, and states that he forcibly kissed her and pressed his genitals against her body.

    “I went up to have a soda and talk and — he just kissed me and grabbed my boobs,” the woman states. “I just froze, I didn’t know what to do.”

    Katherine Glenn, another female at hand to Halperin’s harassment, claims he made sexual advances while she was pursing a job on the 1996 campaign trail. In the exchange, Halperin invited Glenn to his hotel room. Pretending to not understand what he was insinuating,  she asks “Why do you want me in a hotel room?” As result, he did not answer and did not get the job. Glenn concludes, “He knew how valuable these jobs were and used his position to pimp for himself.”

    In the wake of the accusations, Halperin has been fired as a senior political analyst from NBC, MSNBC, and HBO has blacked out plans to collaborate on a movie about the 2016 election.

    The (incomplete) list of ‘powerful’ men accused of sexual harassment and assault continues to unravel as stories break the surface. The explosion of unrevealed accounts only displays the dark situations endeavored by hundreds of women at the hands of men wanting sexual favors in compensation for jobs, movie roles, promotions. The wave has crashed over the media–ending a myriad of careers. Hollywood remains rocked…displaying the sinister situations experienced when the cameras stop rolling, behind closed doors, caught within a dark hotel room with no way out.






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