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    Police Warn Dog Owners About Coyote Attacks

    Police warn pet owners about coyote attacks in Lakewood.

    Police warn dog owners to be more aware after recent coyote attacks on small dogs around Lakewood.  One attack happened Sunday, November 12th at 11 pm on the 15400 block of Edgewater Drive, in an area that has had several attacks this past year.

    A 13-year-old Westie, Sandi, suffered throat wounds. Dick West explained to authorities that he was watching his father’s pup and she slipped out of the garage when he was taking the trash out. He heard yelping when he went to go look for her and found her bleeding in his neighbor’s backyard.

    There have been accounts of at least four other unattended dogs being attacked this year, including an attack in June which left a dog dead as the coyote wandered away from a home on Clifton Boulevard.

    Police say that coyotes most likely live in dens around the Lake Erie shore. Capt. Gary Stone said to Fox 8 Cleveland that, “Coyotes have live in urban areas for years. We feel their dens are located around the lakefront. They’re used to an urban environment, buildings, and houses, things like that.”

    The City of Lakewood began trapping coyotes last year and snared an alpha male in March and several pups. Even though trapping these animals may be harmful at times, the animals that have been trapped are safe and have been relocated to different areas.

    Coyotes tend to be active at night and are shy around humans. Officials recommend that if you are approached by a coyote, you should clap your hands and make noise to scare it away.

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