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    1.5 Trillion Dollar Tax Cut Passes


    The House passed a bill recently that will cut taxes nationally by 1.5 trillion.

    However, do not go popping bottles over this. This tax cut is not exactly for those in Lakewood, Ohio–whose average income is just over 45,000 dollars a year. This cut will actually be raising the taxes of a family by either 2021 (if you make less than 40,000 a year) or 2027 (if you make less than 75,000 a year).

    The bill passed in the house today 227 to 205. Not one person abstained from voting. They

    Now there can be an entire essay of how terrible it is. But let us keep it within the state of Ohio in how this is not to the benefit of the majority. How this is just a ploy to make the rich richer like how so many actions taken by Republicans considering tax reform.

    First, out of the 16 representatives we have, 12 of them voted yes for this. Thirteen Republicans voted against this bill, one perpetuated by this party. Not one of them came from Ohio. The Republicans were all in. Those four who said no were Democratic–and not one Democrat in the House said yes to this. They did this also in a state that the average household income is less than 50,000.

    They deny, outright that it does this. Mitch McConnell, the Senate leader, denied the raise that would affect a quarter of households by the end of the ten-year trend. But the numbers are there. The claims that it will raise taxes, not only by Democrats but Republicans, are there.

    Also, if you wish to express your outrage in our reps, below here is the list of sixteen and their numbers:

    courtesy of

    Just remember those with the R are those who said aye.

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