Non biodegradable bags

Non biodegradable bags

Miranda Larimer

Plastic bags that are given out at grocery stores are non-biodegradable. Which means they can not be broken down in a safe way by the Earth. The substance that is non-biodegradable can not be changed to a harmless natural state by the action of bacteria. It is a danger to our ecosystem. So instead you could get re-useable bags that are only $.59 at Marc’s and there are many choices to pick from.

The non-biodegradable plastic bags are polyethylene. The production of the bags contributes to air pollution and energy consumption. As of July 1, 2018 Cuyahoga County will consider legislation enacting a fee charging 10 cents for each plastic bag used at grocery and department store. This action will reduce pollution and help clean up of the lakes.

I personally do not use the plastic bags. I have re-usable bags, that last a long time. You can fit more in them, though they might be a bit heavy. I rather have a heavy bag then to have the heavy weight of me knowing I’m destroying the Earth. Small changes can lead to bigger and greater changes.

There are other options for bags then the plastic. Paper bags, glass containers, and  eco-friendly bags that are cheap. Instead of double bagging all your groceries and making it harder for the cashiers, just get the bigger re-usable bags. Plastic bags aren’t the only danger.

The rings on the six-packs fins their way into the ocean. Killing the wild life. The fishes and turtles think the rings are food. So they will go for them and the ring gets caught around their neck. Since they have no thumbs, they can not save themselves. We can help save them, by cutting up the rings before throwing them away.

All these little things you could change, can save the world in the end.