iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8

iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8

Caitlin Gang

iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8 which is better? The iPhone X is $999. The iPhone X screen is 5.8in and it no longer has a home button, so the way you unlock your iPhone X is having the phone scan your face and when it recognizes you it unlocks the phone, there is also no headphone jack.

The Galaxy note 8 is $950 compared to the iPhone X. Some of the phone special features are there is a headphone jack and the fingerprint sensor is on the back of the phone. The Galaxy’s screen curves to the edges of your phone and is 6.3 in and is larger than the iPhone screen. This phone also has a S Pen they made improvements with the stylus and the screen, these improvements include; it being easier to text message people, and overall control of your screen. The Galaxy’s battery life is better than the iPhone’s but the iPhone’s battery lasts longer than it used to, it has certainly improved.

Both of the phones cameras are very good but the iPhones is a little better, this is because the iPhone has more contrast in the photos and depth. When two photos were taken with sun exposure the iPhone handled it way better than the Galaxy note did. The iPhone handled the sun well and when the galaxy took it the sun took over the picture. Portrait mode for taking pictures is very good for both phones blurring the background and bringing the picture into focus.

Both are two very nice phones but it all depends on what you want in a phone.