Cleveland Cavaliers; Derrick Rose vs Dwyane Wade


tianna hernandez

When the Cavaliers signed Rose, Terry Pluto thought he would help the team long-term but that just was not the case. He did not exactly meet his expectations. Terry had spoken to an NBA scout and the scout also thought Rose looked much better than Wade.

After a few games Rose injured his ankle and then again before he left the team. No one really thought that the once 21-year-old would get injured so much. Even after the ankle injures then some knee injures came into play. That did not help his career.

Wade was doing great for his 35 years of age. He just keeps getting stronger and playing better as the season continues. He started three games then started keeping the bench warm.

He is the leader of the second unit. He is averaging 11.6 points. Cavs averaging a plus 11. Compared to Rose, it does not fall only on him but he had minus 14 points.

Terry believes that Wade is a “glue player” . He helps the team, he does it for the team.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are planning on ending the season off stronger than ever. Hopefully winning another championship. They just have to keep playing the way they are and stay focused on the prize.

The cavs started of the season with a rough start but they’re now on a 10 game winning streak. The team is obviously putting in a lot of work behind the scenes, helping with the chemistry in game. Before you know it, the Cavaliers will be starting the Eastern Conference Playoffs.