Vegas Copycat?


Jordan Miller

Less than 2 months ago the Las Vegas massacre devastated the United States by becoming the deadliest mass shooting in modern history and after such a short time another copycat gunman has already had his attempt at wreaking havoc in Nevada.

On Tuesday a lone gunman being described as a young adult male was killed after he fired shots from a luxury hotel high-rise at the Montage located close to Reno’s biggest casinos. There was a reported female hostage who was later injured in the hand but not to the point where she would seek medical attention. Swat eventually were able to surround the apartment and take down the gunman; he was presumed to be detained but later died in the hospital. Police say the man was using a rifle with 20-50 rounds of ammunition, the shots came off in 5-8 bursts.

Reports came in on Thursday that the man appeared to be hallucinating and was shooting at people who weren’t there, the identity of the shooter was also released on Thursday; a 30-year-old man by the name of Lucas Stone. Questions were raised instantly once police found out that Steve Paddock the Las Vegas shooter had a condo at the Montage that he had sold; so far no connection has been found between the two.