Starting School at 8 AM?

Starting School at 8 AM?

Zion Darby

I’m a student at Lakewood High School and lately I’ve been thinking about the problem of our school which is the start at eight. Yes, we need have to be at school at eight to be on time. Which means we have to wake up an hour or an hour and a half before we get here. Teachers wonder why some classes and most of the kids at LHS are tired between periods 1-4. It’s because we don’t get enough sleep.

If I had to choose a time for school to start, I would say 9:30. The reason I say 9:30 is so we can get like an hour more of sleep, be able to eat breakfast and not be tired in classes. It might benefit the grades if we got an hour more of sleep and got to eat breakfast more on a daily basis. The students would be more attentive and engaged in classes. There wouldn’t be people putting their heads down or even sleeping in classes. We wouldn’t be complaining about how hungry we’re or even how sleepy we’re.

Now I do realize that school wouldn’t end until like 4-4:30, but honestly it’s not that big of a deal. That’s still the same length, school days are now just started an hour and a half later and end an hour and a half later.

In conclusion, I believe that school should start an hour and a half later so people would be more attentive in class, wouldn’t have to wake up super early to eat breakfast (which means more people would eat breakfast) and there would be less complaining about how tired us students are.