“Friends” by Skye Maley

Skye Maley

I find you down to earth,

So in touch with your thoughts.

You’re always thinking of things

That I, myself would have never thought of.


With my mind wandering

Trying to find a way.

I try to talk to you,

But something stupid always comes out,

Without my meaning what to say.


To say what is on my mind ,

I have someone else talk to you,

Someone close to you

No matter what.


After they talk to you ,

They tell me the news.

Now my world is dark because of you.


Then out of the blue my knight and shining armor,

Comes to sweep me off my feet.

With my head in the clouds,

Thinking of this great guy,

So funny and cool to be with,

I don’t think of you so much.


Sure, I still like you a lot,

But you were right.

It wasn’t our time ,

So be cool about this.

Be my friend again,

And tell me about your deep inner thoughts.


I might just think you’re hot

But if not we will drift away,

And I would think back to what could have been,

Should have been.

But while you are thinking and working it out,

Please be my friend again,

And don’t act so stuck up!