Surviving Mercury in Retrograde

Surviving Mercury in Retrograde

Madyson Lewellyn

Have you noticed things taking a turn of events lately? Taking things too personally? Failed that test you may or may have not studied so hard for? Noticing a drop in energy or mood? Don’t worry, it’s just Mercury in Retrograde–essentially the only time of year you can blame the universe for personal existential crisis.

The phenomenon of Mercury in Retrograde has increased superstition within the past few years within the community of astrology. Mercury, known as the messenger planet, appearing to go backwards alarmed people at one point causing it to become largely a part of Astrologers lore. This stems highly from the idea that because Mercury was the messenger god and the messenger planet if it goes in reverse all forms of communication will end up being thrown off-balance. Essentially, Mercury is taking nap which breaks down communication momentarily.

Mercury is in retrograde signifies a slowed pace of life in which we become more mindful–allowing ourselves to reflect, regenerate, recuperate from the stresses or progresses forged from the last quarter of our lives.

Within the present 3-week communication crisis, we must take extreme caution in protecting ourselves from Mercury’s mayhem. How to not have nervous break down? Do not begin anything new. Expend your energy into activities beginning with “re.” Renew your commitment before engaging in the new. Review contracts before signing. Renew old friendships. Be read to repeat yourself often.

Communication and speech are powerful factors in day-to-day life. Once the messenger planet goes in reverse, problems are to be expected. Retrograde provides the perfect timing to relax and reflect upon the year that will soon draw to close.

When things do fall apart and pandemonium sets in over the next few weeks, you can blame Mercury.