First Gymnastics Meet

First Gymnastics Meet

Lalia Williams

The Winter Sports season has long since begun, with sports such as wrestling, swimming & diving, hockey, basketball, and, of course, gymnastics. Though many of the other teams have had their first game or meet already, the gymnastics season started a bit later.

The gymnastics team has been practicing, three times each week, since mid-November. The athletes are directed by coach Glunt.

The first meet is scheduled for this Wednesday evening at Magnificat High School. According to second-year gymnastics participant Julia Szentkiralyi, “The team is a bit less experienced than in years past. Four seniors left last year, and the team has no juniors.” Also according to this source, many of the new team members have had little time doing gymnastic in the past in the past, either in tumbling, a club team, dance, or cheer. But, Szentkiralyi explains, “Actually, the team is bigger than it was last year. We used to have eight girls, and now we have about twenty.”

And,  great talent often can emerge even with little practice. Considering that the team has been practicing for over a month, many of the athletes probably have had time to learn and perfect their events, even if they have never done them before.

If there is anyone reading this not familiar with gymnastics meets, the meets usually are fairly long and fairly focused. There are several athletes performing in certain events at the same time, and spectators for each event accordingly.

Hopefully the season will bring many wins and, more importantly, individual improvement. If you are not busy tonight, you should come out and support the team!