Bitcoin Beats the Dollar


Max Boland

With all the drama surrounding the US government and natural disasters plaguing our country, it can be hard to note the silent crusaders. This time around, we’re talking about Bitcoin: a legendary new form of currency originally used on the dark web but now making its way into major stores. Will Bitcoin beat the US dollar?

In most recent news, Bitcoin has gone up in stocks and each individual Bitcoin is now worth 17,552.91 USD. This means that every single investor in Bitcoin, every online drug dealer and arms buyer who has purchased bitcoin, is now thousands of dollars richer. How does such a controversial currency stay afloat in our USD controlled world? It’s decentralized. That’s right, no single administrator or group of computers controls the Bitcoin currency exchange. This means the government is completely out of control of a form of currency, which hasn’t happened since the Stock Market Crash in the 20th century.

So what does this mean for the average citizen? Let’s get rich! If you have any amount of money to invest in Bitcoin, you could be making some serious bank real soon. The limit of the inflation price of one Bitcoin is 21 million dollars, and that’s a lot of room to grow your investment. The wave of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is just the beginning for the overthrow of government currency and clique control. Users of the dark web had already begun reaping the benefits of a unilaterally owned system, but now the general public is getting in on all the Bitcoin fun. Investment never looked so good.

While Bitcoin can allow you to buy illegally, it’s running the market right now and slowing down is not in its sights. Bitcoin can do anything and everything the USD lacks, and that’s why it’s kicking major ass.

A word of advice: the cap of Bitcoin price falls at a heaping 21 million, so invest while you can.