Net Neutrality Vote Faces Bomb Threats


Sam Stone

December 14th, 2017. A day we all regard with anxiety as we flocked to watch the votes. For virtually the essence our generation’s defining characteristics as the tech age generation was about to be possibly altered.


It was a bombshell of a day. Such one that there was bomb threats. Threats that caused evacuation. All happening yet the chairman proceeded to go on with the vote.


Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman and the creator of this bill, called recess due to the threats. Bomb sniffing dogs were brought in and journalists who photographed within the incident were addressed to ensure the content of their photos did not reveal any sensitive detail.


Those in attendance did not get any clear information, simply citing that there was a security risk and thus the vote was pushed back.


One does not know who called in the threat, that simply Homeland was warned of an attack on the FCC. The call was made at 12:35 pm and informed that there were two bombs within the location. One was in the place where the vote took place and the other in the entrance of the location. They claimed the bombs would detonate by 1:05 pm.


It could have been a sick joke or a planned attack. There was no report of a found bomb or a suspect being identified. There was no explosion No terrorist groups have come out to cite intention. No harm has been reported.


Nonetheless, the act passed 3-2, and now will have to be argued in court. One can assume that court day will have much more security due to what happened on the 14th.