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    California Mudslides Take the Lives of 17


    First the Thomas Fire leveling 425 square miles of vegetation, now this.


    Ventura and Santa Barbara were the main points of evacuation as winter rains pelted the South California area. Due to the wildfires that had killed off so much vegetation, the soil had nothing to keep it from moving. From there caused devastating mudslides that, in some areas, were over two feet of mud shifting.


    To experience such heavy rains, after years of a drought, would be a blessing in any other case. If the fires had not ravished the land, killing chaparral (a sturdy drought-hardy wooden shrub that are the main protectors from such major chaos such as these mudslides) and much other vegetation that would do similar.


    The lack of vegetation is so bad that the Nation Weather Service Oxnord Office released their prediction that half an inch could cause issues such as mudslides. They were getting that amount of precipitation on an hourly basis.


    The natural disaster has claimed seventeen lives. Another seventeen are lost, unknown to be trapped or gone, families left with blind hope or no body to mourn with. It has been confirmed recently that eight were injured in this, tough a clerical error had it released to the public that 48 were missing. A hundred homes and three hundred residencies have been destroyed or damaged.


    Currently rescue services are utilizing helicopters, dogs, and hundreds of first responders have spent time being prompt. With that, they have combed three fourths of the field of debris.

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