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    House of Horrors: The Torture of 13 Captive Children


    Starved, chained, and unbathed–13 siblings ranging from ages 2 to 29 were found imprisoned in their home on January 10th. David and Louis Turpin are facing 12 counts of torture, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult, six counts of child abuse and neglect, 12 counts of false imprisonment, and life behind bars.

    Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin described a house of horrors in which the couple raised the children among filth, chained to beds, and taunted with food they desperately needed but were restlessly denied. Authorities arrested the couple after their 17 year old daughter grabbed a cellphone, jumped out a window, and fled into the night–a plan she has been plotting for nearly two years. What started as mere child neglect turned very sinister–resulting in beating, strangulation, and  alleged sexual abuse.

    Hestrin chronicles the daily routines the victims experienced each day. The children would typically go to sleep at 5am, sleep all day and stay up all night. The malnourishment stems from only being allowed one, rationed meal each day. The 13 children were confined to one shower a year and denied access to the bathroom for months at a time.

    “Their parent would buy toys, but not let them play with them or even take them out of the packaging. They would often make pumpkin pies and not let the children eat them,” states the prosecutor.

    The couple sat as their court-appointed lawyers plead not guilty to more than three dozen charges that will send them to prison for 96 years to life in prison. Bail is set at $12 million for each Louis and David

    “We are fully prepared to receive justice,” declares Hestrin.

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