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    Pep Rally


    This past Friday (January nineteenth) Lakewood High School held its second annual pep rally. This specific event was especially momentous because it was the first one that was held in the gym. Last year the winter sports were recognized in the civic auditorium. But this year, the bleachers were full, each of the four containing one class. The classes were recognizable because each class was wearing their designated colors–freshmen red, sophomores yellow, juniors white, and seniors purple (of course).

    Classes began dismissing by floor for the rally about half way through eighth period. Once everyone was seated in the gym, the activities commenced. Students signed up by class for the activities in the days before the rally. Events included timed jello-eating (without utensils), tug of war, blindfolded race, musical chairs and seeing who can blow a pencil across the gym fastest. The pep band was there to provide music, and all of the winter sports were recognized (wresting, hockey, swimming and diving, gymnastics, and girls and boys basketball).

    Through scoring of points by winning the events, as well as overall spiritedness, it was determined which class won. The junior class took the highest number of points and the metaphorical trophy this year.

    Looking ahead, this was the second out of three pep rallies we will have this year, with one for each sports season. Hopefully the spring sports rally will be just as spirited, and hopefully we will have nice

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