Adopt Don’t Shop

Adopt Dont Shop

Miranda Larimer

Animals are constantly being bought from pet stores or breeders. Leaving all the animals in shelters still needing a home. Animals eventually get euthanize to clear up space if they have been there for a while. Lawrence County in southeastern Ohio euthanized 81 percent of its shelter dogs in 2011. Older dogs and cats are less likely to be adopted, leaving them there to die.

Breeders make money off pet stores. So you shopping at pet stores, is you contributing to the abuse of animals. There are worse things than breeders. Its called a puppy mill, where most pet stores get their dogs. the dogs, live in horrible living conditions. The small rooms they are cooped up in, the un-cheeked well-being of the dogs.

If you have ever really gotten an animal from a pet store, you would know going to the vet is the best idea. You can never be too safe. I love going to the mall to see the animals, don’t get me wrong. But seeing the way anyone and everyone can touch and pick up the animals, is very saddening. The bunnies are in such a small cage they are literally on top of each other. Doing their business on each other.

There are so many lovable animals in a need of a home. About 7.6 million animals enter the shelter nationwide every year. No one usually wants a senior dog, but they are as lovable as puppies. You can also find young animals in shelters too. You don’t need to adopt to help out. You can always volunteer at you local APL.  ADOPT DON’T  SHOP!