Maddy McFarlin

In the world today there are multiple stereotypes people use everyday, you may be doing it and you have no clue that you are. Most stereotypes involve race, gender and age. People will say “oh she is a woman she can’t drive” or “she is fat she most do nothing and eat terribly.”

No stereotype is true, you never know a person just by looking at them. Everyone is different in this world, you can not just judge a person without knowing their personality. Looking at the outside of a person does not show anything about them other than physical characteristics that do not matter.

Another stereotype is that all Arabic people are terrorists, but an action someone does doesn’t label the whole race. Another huge stereotype is that all girls should be princesses and all boys should be jocks. Parents should not raise there child to want to follow those stereotypes, they should raise them to be who they want to not who society wants them to be.

A lot of older people believe in what they grew up with, that African Americans were all bad and women should stay at home and clean. The world has changed a lot in the past years but for some people it does not make them very happy. The world and people are evolving people need to realize that and learn that we can help it from happening.

Stereotypes have made a huge impact on people and places. People have had protests because of stereotypes. There have been marches and parades in the subject. Personally I am happy that the world is changing and that we are trying to break stereotypes and gender roles.