NBA All-Star Selections

NBA All-Star Selections

Joe Byczek

This year marks the first year in NBA history where instead of getting voted into the all-star game and getting put onto either the East or West roster, you get selected and it goes a totally different direction.

The top two players with the most votes become captains and select players that were also voted into being in the game. It’s the same style as a pick up game back in elementary school. However, the selections were not made televised and you found out when the mini draft was over with.

LeBron James tweeted after the selections were over and he seemed to be a big fan of the new way the NBA is running things. He stated, “Yo @StephenCurry30 that was fun!! Definitely should’ve been televised. #AllStarDraft” Taking into consideration that James and Curry have faced each other in the NBA Finals for consecutive years in a row now and them both enjoying the process together goes to show that we should be in for a great All-Star game this year.

James also had the first pick in the selection and although we don’t know who he picked first, we do know who his starters and reserves are for the game. Starting along side with him is Kevin Durant of Golden State, Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins from New Orleans, and his old teammate now in Boston, Kyrie Irving.

Curry went second in the selection process and will start a smaller sized team compared to James’s team. He decided to start Giannis Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee, DeMar DeRozan from Toronto, Joel Embiid from the 76ers, and James Harden of Houston. All of these great players now mixed together from the East and the West is setting out for one of the greatest twists to the all-star game ever done before.