“A Divergent Life” by Dania Amra

Dania Amra

There stood a 16 year old girl gazing at the sky with its mystery colors. Red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and brown all mixed together to make the picture perfect landscape. I yearned for a divergent life, nothing but hurt, agony, and grief infused my heart. I underwent utter solitude all amplified and made endless. I believed I was damaged beyond repair, that I was the nonentity of evil. I surmised no one would love a soul that the cage in my body beared because I beared a void that consumed and devoured my soul, vicious and cold.

I was cursed, every candle every prayer would not fill the void that stole the place where my heart onced pumped and roared. I didn’t want to die inside just to breathe in. My fragile frame aged with misery and I became heartless. I lived in a place where demons lurked in the shadows, a place where savage villains in fairy tales told to children were alive.

Therefore being heartless allowed me to become a monster. I crawled the earth with the demons and savage villains that constructs me to deem we are all one. While the monsters in my head were scared of love. Somewhere in the depth of darkness a little fire burned in my stone cold heart, craving for a love similar to metal. Metal has to go through fire to melt and turn into a sword or anything you want it to be. Hence I wanted  a love to mould my heart pure again, to beat again and most importantly for someone.

I wanted to love and be loved, I desired something the opposite of the hurt, agony, and grief I had in my life. I longed for an anchor for a divergent life.