The Emotion Behind Kesha’s 2018 Grammy Performance


Madyson Lewellyn

On January 27th, 30-year-old singer, Kesha, made a powerful performance with her white entourage–spilling her emotion all over the stage. The performance quickly became one of the most impactful moments of the evening as she delivered her hit song “Praying”

The inspiration for the performance is ignited by the #MeToo movement as she sang with other artists effected by sexual assault. Camila Cabello, Cyndi Lauper, Julia Michaels, Bebe Rexha, and Andra Day surrounded the artist as she sang her ballad. Emotion climaxed within the area–ending with Kesha brought to tears and hugging her fellow vocalists.

Kesha’s public support for #MeToo is poignant after years locked in a legal battle with her former producer Lukasz Gottwald. Her career was stalled for a few years as she alleged sexually and physical abuse of Gottwald in 2014. At the age of 18, she accuses Gotwald of feeding her date-rape drugs…only to wake up naked and sore in his bed. She has been involved in a continuous legal battle –requesting release from her recording contract. When the court denied Kesha’s request, she was prevented from releasing music outside her preexisting contract. She persevered–and her album, Rainbow, is a result.

The artist recently told Sirius XM that she has taken solace in working on music in such a tumultuous period of her life.

“I would roll out of bed and I would get in the car and I would drive to the studio and keep making songs, and that was my way to dealing how I was feeling depressed,” she asserts.

After a decade into her music career, Kesha finally received her first Grammy nomination, including Best Pop Vocal Album.