“War Zone or Home” by Leyla Umarova

Leyla Umarova

Here I am. Is this home or war? I am not sure. Here it is coming again into my silent peaceful home. Boom houses crashing down. People screaming for help from ones that can’t even help themselves.  Is it where we belong or where we leave to find peace? I Want to leave, shout, scream, and yell, but who will hear my silent screams. When I go I will tell on you who just sat and watched and didn’t help while I died in pain. My little body covered in blood. Only if it was my blood and this was just the end. Little did I know I had more to see.  All I ask for is peace, peace in my home. You might call it my destiny , but I have no better word than death towards a life like mine. Yet so much help thrown out and so little receivers. You look at me through your screen and say that you can feel my pain.

If only you felt the slightest piece of pain I live you wouldn’t even be here. I lay still as the tool for my death touches the back of my head. Sometimes I can feel it in my head sometimes I feel fearless. Then I heard it go off… BOOM BOOM BOOM …. silent SCREAMS  for help. Everything is becoming bigger. I tell myself Run Run Run Run as fast as your feet goes run then jump jump jump off to your own death.  Either it might be the ending or the beginning.