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    School Shooting Massacre Strikes Florida


    Horror has struck once again…this time in Parkland, Florida–marking the 15th school shooting of 2018. A 19 year old gun man opened fire on Wednesday, February 14th at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School–killing 17 people before being arrested by police.

    The gunman has been identified at Nikolas Cruz–a student who was previously expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons. Violence erupted shortly before dismissal as  Cruz shot 14 individuals in the school, two outside, and one on the street.

    Freshman, Kayden Hanafi, said he heard two gunshots and saw people running our of another building on campus. As he and his classmates proceed into lockdown in a classroom. “It really is a blessing to be alive,”  states Hanafi.

    A television news helicopter report showed several people on gurneys being placed into fire rescue ambulances and groups of children walking across Northwest Pine Island Road.

    Hannah Siren, 14, was in math class on the third floor.

    “The people next door to us must have not locked their door,” she said, breaking into tears. “They all got shot.”

    Cruz was reportedly wearing a black hat, a maroon/burgundy colored shirt, black pants, and was armed with a semiautomatic rifle during his alleged massager. He was able to get away momentarily by blending to the crowd of 3,0000 students as hey fled the school. Cops later apprehended him without incident.

    Relieved parents such as Lisette Rozenblet said she was told fire alarms were pulled about the time the shots began. Her daughters teacher, sensing it may be a trap, told the student to stay in the classroom.

    “Her biggest fear is a school shooting,” Rozenberg said of her daughter.” She was always begging me to be home schooled because she was scared of this.” 

    In just a month, the horrific scene in Parkland marks the 15th school shooting of 2018.

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