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    Ignatius Cheating Scandal


    Joshua Crayton, senior at Saint Ignatius High School, was asked in December to leave given an “altercation” with a female teacher that did not involve any physical or mental harm. St. Ignatius has kept the situation under wraps as Crayton sits at home waiting to figure out how he will graduate.  Earlier in the year, another student (a white student) brought a hit list at school and was asked to finish at home, while Crayton was asked to withdraw. The articles done and interviews have given the general public minimal information, but fortunately, we’ve been given the inside scoop.

    Joshua Crayton ran track and played football for St. Ignatius as well as being “very smart”, as quoted from his peers. Crayton, however, is said to have been caught cheating multiple times before the incident with Mrs. Alexandria Miranda. The teacher accused him of copying someone else’s homework and is said to have “yelled and ran at her”. Crayton then went to news outlets to formally say that after his four years at St. Ignatius, his expulsion was racially related.

    Whatever stance you may take on the topic, the threats are concrete proof that St. Ignatius is under serious fire right now. Below is a copy of the email the student body’s parents received regarding three different threats called in to Ignatius if Crayton is not allowed to return to school.

    Bottom line, the race card was played on national television over a culmination of cheating and intimidating a female teacher. After this misconstrued media representation has blown over, however, Crayton will be left without a diploma and that should be what he’s most concerned about. Race issues are considerably important in today’s society and should be noted, dealt with and changed, however, this wasn’t a racially fueled expulsion. Countless African-American boys have made their way through high school at St. Ignatius without so much as an office referral. Whatever grain of truth is the actual unbiased situation, it seems highly unlikely that such an esteemed high school as St. Ignatius would expel a great athlete and student as Joshua Crayton without sufficient grounds. Whether Mrs. Miranda felt threatened, whether Crayton cheated all those alleged times, the situation is not as simple as harmless altercation and expulsion.

    Here is a link to one of the articles and interviews Joshua Crayton did:


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