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    Trump Aid Refuses Mueller’s Subpoena


    The former Trump campaign advisor, Sam Nunberg, has refused to comply in the ongoing investigation of Trump’s relations with Russia. Nunberg was fired in 2015 after his racist Facebook posts were discovered. At the time, this was not big news. But his gradual unravelling on Monday night’s interview with CNN, his mental unravelling was crazy to witness.

    First, Nunberg claimed that he refused to cooperate in the investigation, saying “Screw that. Why to I have to go? Why? For what?” (sounding, as many have noted, somewhat like a small child. And at first, he said that Muller probably had nothing on Trump, saying that although he is an “idiot”, all that he did was “won the election”. But later, after the interview, he said that he thought that Muller probably found something on Trump.

    And to add more confusion (and questionability) to the situation, on Wednesday Nunberg claimed he’s given Mueller everything that he has asked for. He said that the subpoean was much easier than he thought it would be, which was strange because he seemed so adamant about it only two days ago.

    One possibility that many have thought over was the possibility that he was drunk during the interview, which would explain his erratic and strange behavior. When he was asked if he was intoxicated during the interview, he denied it, although host Erin Burnett claimed to have smelled alcohol on his breath. On Wednesday (when he was questioned further about his drinking habits), he claimed that “If I was able to do a 35-minute interview drunk, that would be pretty historic”. Really though, it wouldn’t be. And he seemed fairly open to the idea of going to rehab for alcoholism.

    We can only guess what the causes of people’s behavior is. But sometimes it is also important to understand that people will not be honest about their motivations either. But actions do speak for themselves.

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