Take on “I’m not a Painter” by Lauren Hildum

Lauren Hildum

I am not a speaker, I am a thinker

It’d be nice to be both, but I find

I prefer to observe and get

lost in ideas

and daydreams


My mind is both a sanctuary

and a battlefield, but I’d

rather a chaotic mind

than a stuttering voice


On paper, my words never waver

I’m myself and at my best

If I was a speaker

I wouldn’t be good at it

I am content with thoughts because


Thoughts are thought out

Speaking may be destructive

if spontaneous

I speak when I feel the need,

like going to the grocery store when I

need food


I don’t enjoy it, but when it’s necessary,

I get it over with and retreat back to

my mind

Thinking is productive and interesting

and no one can know what I’m thinking

So I am a thinker