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    Person of the Week: Erin Mullen


    Erin Mullen is a very busy senior at Lakewood High School. She participates in dance group, girls golf, and the Cinema editorial staff. Erin is planning on attending Kent State University next year. I got the opportunity to ask Erin some questions about her high school experience and her plans for next year.

    Why did you pick Kent State University?

    I really enjoyed the campus and its one of the cheapest options I applied to. I also cannot wait to room with my best friend Sara!

    What will you miss most about Lakewood?

    I will miss all of the people especially my family. I hope I do not get homesick but I cannot wait to meet tons of new people.

    What is your favorite class at Lakewood High School?

    My favorite class is physics with Mrs. Zaremba! But advanced placement government is also really fun with Mr. Lewis. They are both my favorite teachers I have ever had so it is hard to choose my favorite. I recommend everyone take advanced placement government next year if they have the opportunity.

    What is your major next year?

    I am going in undecided, but I think I am going to end up in studying education or graphic design. I just know I do not want to go into math or science.

    Erin is very scared to go away next year but is happy she is going to the same school as her best friend so moving away and starting a new life will not seem as scary. If you see Erin in the hallway make sure you say hi!


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