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    Coming Down to the Wire


    As March Madness is almost coming to an end, it is still living up to what it is known for– breaking brackets and leaving fans in utter shock. The Game on Sunday night Duke and Kansas was just that.

    The Duke and Kansas game was not only intense but, it had fans on the edge of their seats all game long. Both teams were neck and neck with each other all game; with the end of the first quarter score being the Blue Devils (Duke) 36 and the Jayhawks (Kansas) 33.

    As the second quarter was slowly coming to an end both teams were pressing each other and throwing up shots left and right. With only seconds left the Jayhawks (Kansas) got the ball from a turn and threw up a three-pointer shot to tie up the game.

    Duke got the ball right after this and pushed it towards the basket as fast as they could and threw up a shot to win the game. It nearly went in but hit the rim the wrong way, leaving the game at draw.

    Even though this was an upset for Duke considering they were leading the majority of end of the second quarter and were on their way to the final four, overtime is great way for the other team to redeem themselves. It basically creates a clean slate for both teams.

    As overtime started to kick off Kansas took control of the floor right away. Overall having 13 points and Duke only with 9 points at the end of overtime. Leaving Duke at of the tournament and Kansas as victors, heading to the Final Four .

    Kansas being the number 1 seed will be playing Villanova which also is the number seed on Saturday March 31 with a 8:49 tip-off. So, ladies and gentlemen be prepared for some more upsets, heart breaks, broken brackets because March Madness is not over yet.


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