Can the Browns land OBJ?


Jason Morgenstern

With the Browns’ recent acquisitions of Jarvis Landry and Tyrod Taylor, it seems as if they fully intend to be a contending team this year. General Manager John Dorsey has a plethora of draft picks and open cap space and seems to be willing to give up some of the Browns stockpile, in order to be competitive.

One possible trade target for the Browns in New York Giants all-pro wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. also known as OBJ. After having an injury plagued year for the Giants last year, Beckham Jr. is looking for a long-term deal that would make in the highest paid receiver in the league, a title in which he deserves. Over his first few years in the league, OBJ has been one of the best receivers, racking up accolades not many other receivers have. OBJ also was a college teammate of new Browns receiver Jarvis Landry at LSU, and the two remain close friends.

However OBJ has certain off-the-field concerns which have garnered criticism from the media. He recently was pictured with what looks to be a cigar, and a woman with what looks to be a white powdery substance. While the league has done nothing about this incident, it certainly is worrisome for some Browns fans to think about acquiring OBJ, especially after the Johnny Manziel fiasco.

Even with the off-the-field concerns, the Giants are asking for at-least two first round draft picks in return for OBJ. With the Browns owning the first and fourth draft picks in this years draft, they essentially could offer up their #4 overall selection to the Giants, and their first rounder next year to acquire OBJ.

In my opinion, if the Browns can receive a player like this, and sign him to a long-term contract, they essentially could be producing one of the best wide-receiver groups in the league, with Landry, Gordon, and OBJ. That would be a scary threat for any team to cover.