Cavaliers In None?

Kevin Love and LeBron James

Kevin Love and LeBron James

Kaitlyn Rosa

Some say that the Cavaliers will not be making an appearance the NBA Finals. Those same people said the same thing about them not getting a spot in the playoffs. Well, here they are. Seven games left in the season with a clinched playoff spot. They are the number three seed in the East right now and they are looking pretty good.

Most people said the same thing last year, that they would not make it to the playoffs due to the fact that they were struggling mid-season. They ended up with an overall season record of fifty-one wins and thirty-one loses. They then proceeded to leave the first two teams they played without a win.

They then won the Conference Championship against Boston, who was the number one seed. Even though they managed to lose against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, they still managed to prove that the regular season does not reflect how well the post season will go.

This year, the Cavaliers had some major issues with some key players but the day of the trade deadline, they got rid of half of the team, which was also a majority of the people they required during the off-season and pre-season. The players they got in return, Larry Nance Jr., Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, and George Hill, have looked very promising lately. It seems like the team works very well together and trust’s each other. There is no pointless team drama and toxic players anymore. I know that the regular season record does not have anything to do with how they will play in the future.

People say these things not realizing that even the year we won the NBA Championship we struggled a little bit in the regular season. That is how I know people are not correct when they claim that the team does not stand a chance during the playoffs. Yes, it will be hard but that does not mean that they are going to lose. The Cavaliers have continued to surprise us year after year, and I know that they are not going to stop surprising us anytime soon.