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    National Puppy Day


    On Friday, March 23, was a great day for dog lovers all over the world. It was National Puppy Day. People were sharing pictures and videos of their dog all over social media and enjoying life.

    This day was declared a holiday by Colleen Paige in 2006, who wanted to raise or promote  awareness for dog adoptions. Colleen wanted to educate people about puppy mills and orphan puppies and also show puppies the unconditional love that they deserve.

    Colleen Paige also founded National Cat Day among many others.

    Colleen also made a Facebook page for National Puppy Day and there are over 22,000 people following that page and over 23,000 people who liked that page.

    You never knew you needed this holiday but now that it is a thing people are going crazy. You use the hashtag #Nationalpuppyday under any post of your dogs and it gives people a better excuse to post pictures about their dogs and be proud of them.

    The hashtag #Nationalpuppyday has been trending on twitter worldwide in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and still till this year.

    There are many way you can celebrate National Puppy Day. Some things you can do with your pup take pictures with them, adopt a puppy, collect money for your local shelter, take your puppy to the dog park, and just make your puppy happy as you should everyday.

    I adopted a puppy a little over four months ago and we have shown her unconditional love ever since we bought her and today was a day that she was loved just a little extra as should every puppy in this world.


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