Joe Thomas Leaves the Browns

Joe Thomas Leaves the Browns

Adrianna Smiddle

Joe Thomas decided to leave the Cleveland Browns on March 14, 2018. He retired as one of the best players in this teams history.

Joe Thomas was the Browns 10-time Pro Bowl left tackle. He also had to sadly end his 10,363 snap streak in October of 2017 because he had a 12-week check up on his left triceps tendon.

Joe Thomas has had so many knee surgeries, before 2017, that when he was asked he could not remember how many operation he has endured. Surgeries are a lot to take in and they are especially hard on professional sports players.

Majors surgeries can either make or break a professional sports players carrier and can be very hard on family members too.

Joe debated on the decision to either retire from the Cleveland Browns for good or to attempt to come back to the Browns.

Joe Thomas is 33 years old and he wants to focus on his  own health and hopefully continue to have a healthy future with his loving wife Annie Thomas and his two kids Logan and Camryn Thomas.

Everyone was supportive of Joe Thomas’s decision to leave the Cleveland Browns. Joe Thomas had his twitter blown up with much respect and thoughtful comments. These comments made Joe very relieved and happy about the decisions he had made.

Now that he is retired, he can live his life and enjoy nice quality family time with his two children and wife ‘Annie.