Gun Violence


Tianna Hernandez

After the terrible school shooting in Florida there has been a lot of talk about changing the gun policy. The shooting caused a lot of pain to the families involved. Those families do not want others to go through that heart-break and pain.

Proposals to expand gun rights have even been stalled since the incident. The problem is not the gun policy we have. It’s not even the parents fault for what happened in Florida. The problem is the child. We need to focus more on mental care for people with these bad intentions. We can’t change the laws on guns even if that was the weapon used in the terrible incident.

People that have bad intentions will go however far they need to if they want to cause a pain to many others. They just don’t have the same understanding that causing harm to others isn’t an ok thing to do no matter if you don’t like people or if someone doesn’t like you.

As kids it’s hard dealing with others being hurtful towards you. Someone saying “you’re  ugly” doesn’t give you the right to pull out a gun and shoot because you just felt like it. We can’t let kids say mean things but we can only control so much of what someone whats to say.

We can change safety policies at schools but we can’t jut take away the right to bare arms. People that live in country areas shouldn’t have to deal  with their right being taken away.

No one has the right to take away our right to bare arms but they can make it a point to change schools if the school feels its necessary.