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    Fundraising for Skate Park


    The biggest issue with skateboarding in our little town of Lakewood, OH is that we don’t have a bowl in our skate park. What’s a bowl? A drained pool or resembling a pool, that allows fun drop-ins and tricks to be done. Without a bowl, the skating in Lakewood is pretty bland. Fortunately, Public Square Group, a local nonprofit dedicated to skateboarding, art and civics, is hosting a fundraiser to get a bowl put in.

    For a $15 donation at Mahall’s Bowling Alley on April 27th, from the hours of 6-11 there will be all you can eat food and bowling. Public Square Group is hosting this fundraiser solely for the Lakewood skate park and it’s an honor they’ve chosen us to support. They will be playing old skate videos and it’s rumored that some of the local legends will show out. Even if you don’t understand skateboarding or the culture behind it, this fundraiser will effectively keep our youth out of trouble and skating the bowl at Lakewood Park. This addition is not only bringing new construction but will be bringing more spectators, skaters and appreciation for the sport.

    So if you have nothing going on two weeks from today, skateboarders and Lakewood kids could use your donations and support. Plus, food, bowling and sick videos? Sounds like an exceptional time to me.

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