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    Muna Haroun

    Muna Haroun

    This week’s person of the week is Muna Haroun. Muna has been going to LHS for the past four years and is a senior. She plays the violin in the Lakewood High School orchestra and has played since the 5th grade she is also in business management here. Along with all of this Muna holds a part-time job outside of school.

    Q: Where do you plan to go to college?

    A: “I plan on going to Cuyahoga Community College and then transferring to Cleveland State University.”

    Q: What will your major be?

    A: “I plan to major in biology.”

    Q: What was your favorite class out of all four years here?

    A: “My favorite class out of all four years here was APUSH with Dr.G.”

    Q: What will you miss most about high school?

    A: “Not being able to see my friends everyday like I usually do.”

    Q: Did you do any sports in high school if so what sport(s) and which sport was your favorite?

    A: “I ran cross-country and track my favorite out of the two I would have to say track.”

    Q: What’s your favorite LHS memory?

    A: “My favorite memory was having orchestra freshman year with a couple of my friends we would laugh everyday in that class.”

    Q: What are you most excited for in the next month?

    A: “I am most excited for prom coming up next week and my last day of high school next month knowing I won’t have to come back until my graduation ceremony.”


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