Plane Safety Concerns


Jordan Brenot

On Tuesday April 17th, tragedy struck flight number 1380 at about 32,500 feet.

The flight departed from New York City and was set to land in Dallas, Texas.

Within twenty short minutes alarms suddenly went off and oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling.

Passengers reported what sounded like an explosion on the left side of the plane. Shrapnel managed to fly out of the engine striking a window and breaking it.

The woman who was sitting where the window broke was nearly sucked out. Passengers managed to grab hold of her and try to patch up the hole using jackets, bags, and whatever they could find.

The passengers performed CPR on the woman until medics were able to arrive on scene. She passed away later at the hospital.

So was the safety test that passed this plane faulty? What went wrong? Who let the plane pass right through the so-called “strict” safety tests?

With many of these questions at mind, people are calling on the government to change the guidelines for airplane safety.

In my opinion, I have never been too keen on the idea of airplanes. I feel as though many things can and will go wrong if something is not done about the safety.

There have been many plane deaths but this one being the most recent, people are begging for change.

If I was a passenger on flight number 1380 on Tuesday morning, I would want change also. Mostly to ensure the this will never happen to anyone again.